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Working at Bammboo means wanting to be number one, laughing a lot and accepting every challenge. Working together is central to us; both within our team and with our customers.

Our mission

We believe that true innovation will solve world’s biggest problems. Therefore, we help organizations validate new propositions and scale their business.


We believe that every company can get more out of its online marketing. We want nothing more than to share our knowledge of online marketing and growth hacking with the outside world, often scaleups and corporates. By implementing our tailor-made growth processes and smart tactics, we can test and learn a lot in a short amount of time. In this way we ensure that companies build up unique knowledge about their (potential) customers so that they can achieve rapid and consistent growth.

Working at Bammboo means wanting to be number one, laughing a lot and accepting every challenge. Working together is central to us; both within our team and with our customers.

We know better than anyone that the world is changing fast, and are therefore always ready to change our strategy and / or optimize processes.

Perks @ Bammboo

What are the benefits of working at Bammboo?

Luxuries lunch

Bread, spreads and fruit: healthy every day while you work @ Bammboo


25 days to go on holiday and relax


A friend for life: our office dog meets you wagging his tail #pepper #hypoallergenic #maltipoo

Active attitude

Do you like to work at home for a day or go to the gym for an hour in the afternoon, just like the founders? No problem! We focus on output!

Training budget

Personal development opportunities: together we make a growth plan for you, so that you also get the best out of yourself.

Healthy salary

Salary in line with the market, so that you can spend your free time well

Succes story

Dionee Gouvernante

Growth Architect | Customer Development

Why did you start at Bammboo ?

Before I started at Bammboo, I worked in a position where I was involved with both online and offline marketing and communication. Digitisation was in full swing, and I noticed that I wanted to specialise more in this. I started investigating and soon discovered that Growth Hacking was “the way” of working. I became super curious and went looking for a company that excels in this area. Soon anof I came across Bammboo, it immediately felt as the right spot! Unfortunately, they did not have a specific vacancy open at the time. That didn’t stop me. I sented an open application …… and… with success, a few weeks later I was part of the team!


What is the most rewarding project you’ve done?

A project that really stuck with me was for a party that had developed an app for people who wanted to leave their story to their friends and people close to them after they died. Through the analyses and experiments we came up with a very cool and surprising insights. One of the consequences was that the app got a different function, namely helping people to gain more self-insight. The app suddenly received multiple target groups and enormous growth. That was cool!


What dit you learn at Bammboo?

A huge amount, my personal growth was the most in online marketing, Growth Hacking but also many technical issues. In addition, I have really been able to enrich my profile, I can now say that I am a Growth Architect who was originally strong in Behavioural Psychology, Brand Building and Positioning, but now supplemented with many technical skills. I have learned to substantiate everything with data and to continue to learn. Learning is growth!


What do your think of the colleges at Bammboo?

They’re amazing, of course 😉 ! We are a close-knit team, sometimes I jokingly say that we are a bunch of professional buzzy makers together. So lots of energy! In addition to hard work, we also like to occasionally take a dance or throw a ball “jeu de boules” at the Amstel veldje that is next door!

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By Dionee

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