Do you want to grow faster and impress your investors with great results?

And do you need a more predictable way of expanding into new channels?

With the Bammboo team we have coached over 80 startups on how to implement better marketing and growth hacking tactics.

Therefore, we have huge lists of actionable tactics and strategies for your team to implement.

Hire a Growth Hacker / Head of Growth

We offer part-time and full-time growth hackers to help your teams execute marketing related activities like funnel- and conversion optimization, SEO optimization, online advertising, running experiments and marketing automation.

Our heads of growth can guide your company in starting and running a successful growth hacking process. They make sure that all team members execute all steps of the growth hacking process in the best way possible.

Growth hacking accelerator program 3 months

Our startup accelerator program consists of 5 in-company growth hacking trainings, online exercises and weekly coaching. After completing this program, your team will be fully up to date on the latest actionable growth hacking tactics and will run an autonomous and smooth growth process.


Get ahead of your competitors by expanding your team’s growth hacking knowledge, skills and toolset. Hands-on training with the purpose of implementing the perfect growth hacking process within your company.


Regular growth coaching is one of the best steps to take for online startups. We have coached dozens of startups in the past years with successful growth strategies and actionable tactics. 

Want to know how we would grow your company if we would be in the driver’s seat? Get to know us.

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