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The transition to the digital era is at full blast.

And organizations are more than ever ‘forced’ to go along. This not only means digitizing all kinds of processes, but it also means that teams have to work differently. The consumer is constantly in motion and therefore you have to move along and also try to ‘catch’ them differently. Catching the consumer is not only about how your marketing is planned, it is also about how your teams can think along and move with the consumer. A new approach automatically means a new strategy, but also optimizing your skills and mindset. After all, the people from your teams are the ones who make (strategic) decisions. To be able to do this according to the latest marketing principles, they need a new set of skills.

In Company Growth Hacking Training

Growth Hacking training, an investment for the long term.

Many organizations get inspired by the new ways of working and carefully experiment with Growth Hacking. However, it is important to know and master the philosophy and methodology behind it. In this way, you can fully embrace Growth Hacking (Architecture). It is not only the implementation of some tools or simple A/B tests, it really is a different way of working that involves a new mindset. Growth Hacking makes you future-proof, and we do so by different means. Think about In-Company Training programs where team members are quickly brought up to speed. Or think about a Full Growth Course where team members acquire hands-on knowledge of the Growth Hacking/ Architecture methodology – within a few months. All our training programs are customized, hands-on and always deliver immediate value to the organization. This because your team members will pick up cases that take place in your organization.

Available training modules:


  • Growth hacking introduction
  • Growth strategy
  • Ideas brainstorm session
  • Set growth targets (OKRs)
  • Experiment design
  • Building growth teams
  • Running growth
  • Formulating learning objectives
  • High tempo testing process


  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue
  • Building referral campaigns
  • Conversion optimization


  • Set up data tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Lead scoring
  • People tracking
  • Big Data
  • Predictive analytics
  • Artificial intelligence for marketing
  • Data management platforms
  • Dashboarding


  • Customer journey
  • Business model canvas session
  • Funnel analysis
  • Creating personas
  • Soft data
  • Customer segmentation
  • Storytelling


  • Competitor analysis
  • Web scraping
  • Email outreach
  • Growth hacks


  • Content strategy
  • Content hacking
  • Marketing automation
  • Inbound marketing
  • Drip campaigns
  • Flowcharts


  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Social advertising
  • Doubleclick
  • Google Adwords
  • Remarketing


  • Exponential organisations
  • Rockefeller Habits
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition canvas
  • The Lean Startup


  • Google Analytics
  • Google tag manager
  • Mixpanel
  • Semrush

Together with Bammboo

Before we enter the training program we start with an extensive baseline measurement. Where do you stand as an organization, who is your customer and what is your value proposition? After that, we look into the organization of various processes. We look at what data is available and the strategies you use now. If the base is transparent and the question clear, we can put together an action plan with clear objectives and start!

To onboard every team member we always start with an introduction to Growth Hacking. Then the real work begins! In a strategically determined period, the various teams/team members are brought up-to-speed by means of deepdives. These deepdives are always tailor-made and are always taken immediately into practice. Thus, each training course offers a deepening of the personal and team knowledge, but also very concrete learnings for the organization. Learnings that the organization can immediately pick up and convert to optimizing e.g. your service, product or funnels.

At the end of the process, teams have new competencies. These competencies give them the tools to be able to make decisions, formulate objectives and set up new processes as a true Growth Hacker/Growth Architect would do. They are now future proof!

We are happy to help your organization to become future proof. Our Growth Architects always design a unique and valuable training program. Easily call or email us.


“Young, flexible company that can switch quickly. Strong and creative with solutions!


Rogier van Driezum, Program Manager Digital Professionals
Young Capital

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