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What Growth Hacking really is:

Often, Growth Hacking is associated with silver bullets that grow your business exponentially. Without lifting a finger.

That is just wrong.

Don’t get us wrong: real, sustainable growth is possible. Not by quick tactics and tools, but following a systematic approach and adopting the right mindset. Our guide will help you with both! The guide is a result of years of experimenting, testing, late nights and was used with clients such as Philips, Young Capital and ARAG.

What you’ll learn;


How you can create a go-to market strategy. In just one brainstorm.


How Growth Hacking become a systemic, easy to follow process, so that growth happens naturally.


How to create focus and get everybody within the organisation on the same page.

Growth Hacking and love

Why falling in love and Growth Hacking are similar in many ways… 😉


We collected interesting insights together during the Growth Model Template strategic session. The results exceeded expectations and were backed with data. Did Bammboo realize growth? Absolutely! The conversion rate skyrocketed and the costs decreased.

Esther BennenbroekGrowth Consultant at DELA

"The clear approach of Bammboo has ensured that we worked towards our goal in a focused way. We have sharpened our proposition and given our growth a boost."

Joop SnijderHead of Research Center AI, Info Support