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We are Growth Architects: we design custom growth processes for your organization. We combine elements from The Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, Agile and Design Thinking.

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“Growth Hacking is not just a concern of sales and marketing, but of product, engineering and support too. It is this organization-wide commitment to growth that ultimately sets these companies apart.”  – Sean Ellis, Growthhackers.com –

Proud to work with:

Bammboo heeft o.a. samengewerkt met: gemeente amsterdam, young capital, hp, heppee, exact, postnl, study2go en compact solar.
Bammboo heeft o.a. samengewerkt met: nestlé, philips, randstad, rabobank en asr.
Bammboo heeft o.a. samengewerkt met: unilever, flanders, ikbenfrits.nl en digital shapers.

Work that we are proud of:


Innovation in s pressure cooker, NL


Male fertility test @home, Israel

Young Capital

Digital Professionals, Hoofddorp

Compact Solar

Solar Energy Startup, Utrecht - NL


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“Am impressed. The presentation slides were top notch, being with just enough wording and visuals that drew attention without distracting us from the growth hacking training. Lastly I’d like to compliment you on the content and your expertise. You’ve managed to give us relatable examples of application on the theory and shown us that you know your stuff whilst staying humble.”


Shyzelle Cowles, Creative Strategist

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