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Our Growth Audit is a full-funnel analysis, designed to identify the different “growth accelerators” your company needs to grow to maximum return on investment. It provides you with the insights you need to form a successful growth strategy.

Below, we give you an overview of what the Growth Audit is, why it is so relevant and what it is made of.


A Growth Audit is the starting point for optimizing the performance of your entire marketing funnel. Scaling up growth is the objective. It offers the possibility to analyze current initiatives and to identify new opportunities. By means of a Growth Audit, you can see where you have to correct the things that are holding your company back and on which strengths you can focus to increase your growth.

Essentially, a Growth Audit is a data-driven method to find out which key performance indicators (KPIs) are actually important.


Good question. A Growth Audit makes it clear where you should be spending money and/or time on. It offers you a clear overview for a ROI-driven growth strategy. This is always the foundation of profitable marketing experiments and optimizations.

Avoids loss of investment & time input
Emphasises priorities and action points
Analyzes the entire funnel

(in contrast to traditional online marketing analyzations)

Increases the likelihood of a successful strategy and ROI
Tailor-made growth audit


The strength of our Growth Audit lies in its completeness. It is a full-funnel analysis that analyzes all available channels in depth and maps them out for you. It contains the following elements to make the most of your growth opportunities:

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Analytics & Tracking

You cannot measure performance without Analytics and Tracking. We cover all the aspects that are necessary (and more) to map your website’s performance and identify opportunities for growth. Think about the correct setting of filters, goals, funnels, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We show you why you do not yet appear at the top of Google searches. And especially which actions (both technical and content wise) you can take to improve.

Paid Ads (PPC)

We cover both Google Ads (SEA) and your active social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) We know from experience that large budgets are often unnecessarily wasted here. Precisely because PPC is highly measurable and adjustments can be made in real time, we accurately analyze what is going wrong and where you can subsequently optimize.

Competitive Analysis (technical)

This analysis provides insights into the opportunities that you may be missing at the moment and that your competitors do exploit. It gives you an insight into the channels that you can test with, backlinks that could be valuable, keywords that you can bid on, etc.

User Experience (UX) & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We’ll map out the onboarding flows for you. How visitors interact with your website and where they get stuck and drop out. We analyze the technical aspects, such as page load speeds and also look at new possibilities, such as chatbots, which can increase conversions.

E-mail Marketing (CRM)

Although e-mail marketing offers one of the best growth opportunities, our experience shows that it is often neglected at the same time. Especially in the field of retention, we can bring out insights for you that will increase your customer retention.

Marketing Automation

Through marketing automation, we make it possible for you to avoid repetitive marketing tasks (with a significant gain in time and energy), as well as to send personalized messages to leads, automatically using a selection of relevant platforms and tools (Zapier, HubSpot, ActiveCampain, Drift, etc.).

The right tools for your team.

Nowadays, there is an unlimited number of tools available. However, not all of them are equally useful because they are difficult to implement or do not meet your specific needs. And which tools to choose from the overwhelming offer?

We know which tools can make a difference and do not take months to implement or learn to use.

We gathered interesting insights together during the Growth Model Canvas session. Moreover, experiments were set up professionally and with good time management. The results exceeded expectations and were supported with data. What surprised me most was the personal care and passion, it felt like we were all co-owners of the product. Has Bammboo achieved growth? Absolutely! The conversion rate went up and costs went down.

Esther BennenbroekGrowth Consultant at DELA

We have used different innovation models, but by using the Growth Model Canvas as a systematic digital marketing approach, we can now take the business to the next level. I think this is a very good template and also the coaches are very professional. I really appreciate that. I will definitely recommend Bammboo in the future.

Yong Qin ZengInnovation Lead at PHILIPS HealthWorks, Shanghai

Bammboo's Growth Architects are both creative and strategic. They proactively work on the development and positioning of various concepts. With their execution power and expertise, we were able to validate two propositions in one month.

Wendy PersoonInnovatie Manager at ARAG Legal Tech Studio

We can help you. Definitely.


Regardless of the stage your business is in, a Growth Audit is necessary to gain an up-to-date understanding of the effectiveness of your current initiatives, as well as the growth opportunities currently present throughout the funnel.

Seize your growth opportunities and request your Growth Audit today.

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