About the team.

We help scale-ups & corporate start-ups thrive in the digital era.

As a team, we are able to combine creativity with data, and strategy with practice. Because of our team, we make it work!

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Our mission

We believe that true innovation will solve world’s biggest problems. Therefore, we help organizations validate new propositions and scale their business.

Our promise

We are not in the business of only delivering short-term results. With every client we serve it is our ambition to set the stage for their future by embedding the right mindset, process and skills within their organization.

Our core

Our team is what drives our succes. As a team, we are able to combine creativity with data & strategy with practice. And when we work together, you get not only one, but everyone of us.

Our vibe

Part of our succes is measured by the amount of smiles we collect while working together. If it ain’t fun, why do it?

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Thierry de Vries

Co - Founder | Business Development

Bart de Lege

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Dionee Gouvernante

Growth Architect | Head of Training

Michel Faas

Growth Architect | Data Strategist

Thomas de Vries

Growth Architect | Content Strategist

Jesse Feenstra

UX | Interaction Designer

Rick Beijen

Growth Architect | Data Strategist

Maarten Smulders

CFO | Strategy Designer

Dave Ligthart

CTO | Full Stack Dev | Trive

Joris Slagter

CTO / Full Stack Dev / Trive

Paul Verpoorten

Business Developer | Strategy Designer

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