Meet the TEAM

Growth hacking is done within a democratic process and guided by data driven leadership.

Assumptions about the market, the product and the customers are prioritised for ease of implementation and impact.

Olivier Karg

Co-founder | Head of Growth

Thierry de Vries

Co-founder | Sales Director

Bart de Lege

Co-founder | Creative Director

Sepp Eeman

Growth Architect

Maarten Smulders


Maxim Troost

Growth Architect | Scrum master

Leon Overbeek

Growth Architect

Dionee Gouvernante

Growth Architect

Jeroen de Vos

Data Scientist

Zowik Abramov

Growth hacker

Could be you..

Data Scientist

Wouter de Geringel

Full stack developer

We believe in the potential of young professionals.
That’s why we are looking for awesome growth hackers to join our team and boost their careers.

It is our pleasure to announce that our agency has formed an official partnership with in the Netherlands and Belgium.